Corruption will end if politicians are made to swear with deities, not Bible and Koran – Governor Okorocha

okorochaGovernor of Imo State, Rochas Okorocha has said corruption can be curtailed if political office holders are made to swear with a deity when they take the oath of office.

Okorocha stated this while speaking at the National Institute for Cultural Orientation Quarterly Public Lecture entitled: “Promoting Culture, Developing the Economy”.

He noted that relegating our culture and embracing the western culture, “is a problem”.

“People that go outside their culture have automatically lost their identity. The removal of our culture is a colossal damage done to us by our colonial masters.

“Culture is a way of life of people. Their food, language, dressing all contributes to giving them an identity.

“We can fight corruption culturally in the sense that politicians should be made to swear with a deity into office.

“These deities don’t have mercy on anyone once you go contrary to its standard.

“The Bible and Koran are too merciful. That is why some of us do things without conscience knowing that God is merciful and forgiving,” Okorocha said.

Source: Daily Post

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