October 1 quit notice on Igbos is real – Doyin Okupe warns


Former aide to ex-President, Goodluck Jonathan, Doyin Okupe has told Nigerians not to be deceived by the peace talks initiated by politicians regarding the quit notice on Igbos by Northern youths.

In a Facebook post he entitled, “Where does Nigeria go from here?” Okupe maintained that the quit notice is real, lives and subsists.

He said Nigeria must accept this as a major national problem and an emergency, adding that it is a prelude to a national fiasco; whether anyone accepts it or not.

He wrote, “I personally believe that, no matter what we hear officially delivered to Aso rock, the October quit notice for the Igbos resident in the north is REAL, live and will subsist.

“Anything contrary to this is grand deception and delusionary.

“The inevitable conclusion therefore, looking carefully at the scenarios and strong positioning of the Nationalities above, is that only God and government can save the country now.

“I hasten to add, at this juncture, that it is a grand fallacy that because the Ag. President has sworn to an oath to defend the Nigerian constitution, and the fact that Biafra is not in the constitution, it is unlawful for the Ag President to interface with those who have expressed a desire to quit the union.”

Credit:  John Owen Nwachukwu of Daily Post

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