Restructuring will be the campaign slogan 2019, but don’t be fooled, Nigeria will never be restructured before, after 2019 – Shehu Sani


The Senator representing Kaduna Central constituency at the National Assembly, Shehu Sani has cautioned Nigerians against thinking that the nation will be restructured before the 2019 general elections.

According to him, political elites are just engaging in cheap talks about restructuring in order to buy time before the campaign for the next round of general elections commences in earnest and eclipse the issue of restructuring.

Let me say this loud and clear – no restructuring will take place before 2019; it will be all talks, storms and ‘buying of time’ until the drumbeat of elections eclipse that of ‘restructuring

“Restructuring will be in the campaign manual of all Nigerian political parties for 2019 general elections. But, after the elections the government needs to settle down, then the government need to study the document and at long run it will no longer exist.

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