The IgboHouseNigga, a major problem for Ndigbo

slave2In the USA, in the days of physical slavery there were two kinds of negro slaves: the field negro and the house negro, also referred to as “field niggas” and “house niggas”.

While the field niggas worked the plantation, the house niggas served the master and his family, in the house. Their position gave them access to crumbs from the “massa”‘s table, and some semblance of warmth from his fire place.

It was a privileged position to be a HouseNigga, and so they grew to detest the idea of freedom, for so long as they were the ones who were pleasured with the nice aroma from the massa’s ( master ) kitchen, what other kind of freedom are those fellas in the field talking about?

“It is their stupid talk about freedom, and running off all the time that makes massa think all we niggas are bad, and we might so lose this privilege of eating warm food and warming massa’s bed if these field niggas don’t stop singing those nasty freedom hymes.”

So the House Niggas grew to hate and betray their kins in the field. And to prove total loyalty and impress their masters they decided to #SelfHate , and siezed every opportunity to inform their owner “how bad we niggas can be”.

As a matter of fact, these slaves once upon a time fought against their own liberation. Yes, there were some black slaves who fought on the side of the Confederate Army in the American civil war to prevent their own freedom!

Now that is how far some slaves are willing to go because for them, freedom has been redefined to mean, a more comfortable enslavement.

That’s the House Nigga Syndrome!


They hate their own kind. They oppose their kind. They find faults always with themselves. They magnify the error of one of their kind to mean an inherent trait in their racial or ethnic gene.

The #HouseNiggas do all these to seek validation and receive approval from those they look up to for a more comfortable enslavement.

With the end of the Nigeria/Biafra war, the need for personal survival of the Igbo Nation led to the creation of the #IgboHouseNigga.

Now you already know the guiding ethos of a typical house nigga. But how do you identify an IgboHouseNigga when you chance upon them? Here are some important traits to look out for:

1. When you hear him say, “Look, I am an Igbo man, but truth be told, we Igbos are bad, even me I am bad”, know that an IgboHouseNigga is on the prowl.

Then his “Massa” would always reward him with, “Hey, I like that dude, he is honest”. And the idiot will nod like an atụrụ.

2. They sometimes open introduction with an apology, “I’m sorry sir, I’m Igbo…”
Now not sure if their apology was accepted, they would take a step further to water down their Igboness by linking themselves to some dinasours, ” …em…but my great grand mother’s sister was Yoruba …and my cousine is married to a Kanuri …I’m sorry sir”. An IgboHouseNigga.

3. You hear them wave off every attempt at Igbo self determination with hollow sounding comments like “Nna leave this Biafran nonsense …dem no get work …na we dey kill ourself…”. Now this group of IgboHouseNiggas have small change in their pockets, drink some expensive wine and have one plot of land somewhere outside Igboland.

4. They take up political appointments outside Igboland and turn around to insult the same people on whose platform they got the appointment, one chap in Lagos is always in the market place pointing at his father’s house with his left hand. IgboKweNu!

5. Their ears itch for bad news from Igboland, so they would grin and shout “I warned them…, didn’t I say so?”

6. When you hear Igbo haters declare; “Hey! That chap is the only Igbo man that makes sense” just know an Igbo house nigga is around the corner.

7. They see everything wrong with their own people, all the time.

8. As governors they report to the Sultan of Sokoto on how they govern their own people. There are five of them at the moment and they the worst kind of IgboHouseNiggas, little timid men who celebrate the murder of their own children and pat the murderers on the back.

But… the truth about all you #IgboHouseNiggas is, you disgust your masters and they merely tolerate you, for a purpose.

Your masters true respect and admiration goes to the courageous Amadis and Amaalas who would rather starve free than become fat slaves, those who will rather die on their feet as freemen than die licking the dirty butts of this Haggard Tyrant and his murderous gang. After all, death will come to all men.

For all FREEMEN who were murdered in Abia for “talking too much and waving a flag”, may you find peace and return soon to us.

Credit: Chukwubudike Ugbaja

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