The plundering of South-South and South-East resources by the North


It was the greatest corruption ever to happen within a space of two years in the history of this country called Nigeria. The mother of all deceit by a government that has travelled all over the globe claiming it was fighting corruption. No wonder Nigeria was at the top in the list of most corrupt countries in the world.

The arrow was Maikanti Baru, from Bauchi State – the NNPC GMD. Carrying out the biddings of his master.  Baru circumvented extant procurement regulations in awarding a series of contracts up to $25 billion, or N9 trillion at prevailing exchange rate of N360 to a dollar. Most of the contracts signed by President Buhari at his relaxation resort in London.

It was expected that a president that claims and prides himself as an unrelenting corruption fighter should have reacted promptly to the colossal corruption scandal in his government. But, no! He is still keeping quiet. He should have travelled abroad so that his boy would be properly investigated and prosecuted as a show of his impartiality in the war against corruption. But, no! He did not.

 How on earth can President Buhari justify a situation where a minister he appointed to serve under him, presiding over an important sector like the oil sector be turned into a mere house-help who must get clearance from some “outsiders ” before accessing the president?

How on earth will a mere MD of a corporation have the temerity to sideline a minister under whom he works and take decisions without consultation with the appropriate authority. How on earth could the NNPC GMD have been bold enough to sideline the entire board of NNPC and take such far-reaching decisions that have grave implications on the nation’s economy alone?

The president’s Chief of Staff, Abba Kyari, sits on the NNPC board and such a calamity is taking place without an eyelid being blinked.

The looting of the nation’s resources, coming mainly from the South-South and South-East, under this administration is record setting in the history of this nation and we are being proven right on daily basis by the little revelations that are being made by even those working under the administration.

We wonder what the stench will be when the real and hidden atrocities being perpetrated under the watch of President Buhari are finally exposed.

We can now see clearly the hypocrisy in the so called anti-corruption fight. His people – Hausa/Fulani enjoy total immunity from the anti-corruption campaign.

Is this the kind of a country you desire for yourself, your children and generation unborn?

Nigeria reminds us or appears to suggest that black people lack the basic capacity to create civilization. That the black pigment under their skin denotes corruption and barbarism.

We Biafrans say no to this horrible stinking mess. It is our dream to build a civilization that will tower far above any known civilization on earth. To create a country where every nation in it will determine their own destiny and create enormous wealth for their people. A country where every nation in it will compete to create the best infrastructure known to man. A country that we can truly beat our chest and say – this is Biafra! This is my home!

We demand for a referendum. 

Our journey towards the realization of our home has started. Do not give legitimacy to those who kill and subjugate you. No election in Anambra State.

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