Despite their evil we must continue to have COURAGE and FAITH! – Fani Kayode


According to Maina’s family President Muhammadu Buhari brought him back to Nigeria and gave him protection. I am not surprised.

What else do you expect from a man who appoints a classless and ill-educated cockney as his Minister of Finance, a compulsive liar and filthy reprobate as his Minister of Information and a set of degenerate and incompetent quislings as his Villa media team.

It is clear to me that we are being ruled by a bunch of cow-worshippers that do not know God.

Our heads may be bloodied but they are not bowed. God’s love will see us through these difficult and perilous times.God’s power will overwhelm our enemies and darken their skies.

Despite their evil we must continue to have COURAGE and FAITH!

This is all the more so because the more the Buhari administration tries to rubbish their perceived enemies the more God rubbishes them.

For them it is literally one scandal after another. Their’s is a sorry tale of corruption, genocide, racism, religious bigotry, chicanery, double standards, ethnic cleansing, subjugation, tyranny and the unrelenting persecution of the opposition.

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