Why many more people will die in Benue State


Dear Benue people,no time is too late to congratulate you regarding the epic events in your state. If not because of the life involved, I would have said let the killings continue in Benue state because it is good for them. Where is your Paul Unongo?Is he tired of leading the Northern forum with his unguided mouth against the Igbos? Maybe he doesn’t know that “Food is Ready” is not for free.

The real restructuring of Nigeria would have happened in 1967 after the Aburi dialogue in Ghana spearheaded by Ojukwu, but Gowon manipulated and used Benue extracts like Onoja’s family who not only stopped the move but killed many Igbos. They claimed to be more North than the caliphate, they said they are one indivisible North. Not long ago, Paul Unongo and other Benue indigenes said IPOB is a terrorist group that deserved no mercy, they insulted Igbos and claimed Igbos are problem of Nigeria.Now the music is steadily at their doorstep, they should stop complaining, stop disturbing other states, don’t demonstrate because demonstration is terrorism too. They should just dance their music.

They thought that only the Igbos will forever suffer the injustice.The same people attacking Igbos for wanting to separate from cow lovers are now begging to secede from North to South. That Enugu is close to Benue doesn’t make them a Southern state. Benue should enjoy their North alone, we don’t need them in the South anymore because they are now a conquered Fulani territory, a hard truth that people will never believe but a mission accomplished by the Fulanis. The very mission the Fulanis couldn’t reach after conquering Kwara and moved to Benue but resisted and denied such opportunity by the powerful Tivs, they finally or about to accomplish that mission in the 21st century. Yes, Tivs are powerful and strong people when it comes to war. They chased Fulanis after conquering Kwara, and their war eventually met British colonialism and it stopped. But for the fact that a Fulani man is a memory man, the case of Benue state today is not just all about Cow but a Fulani agenda, the agenda they failed to fulfill long time ago.

Not considering the above history, Benue state indigenes in 2015 still gave a die hard sectional Fulani man a massive support of 373,961 votes. And you expect the Fulani man to go against their collective agenda. You are wasting your time.When we fail to read history,we repeat history. Benue state people failed to read history, and they repeated history. So, how does that concern Modestus? To people of Benue, I say congratulations again. You can only enjoy it because it is part of what your one Nigeria you asked for represents. Whatever goes around,comes around.Yesterday, the victims were Igbos,you clapped and cheered the killers. Today,is your turn and no reasonable Igbo will sympathise with you because PUBLIC SIN DEMANDS PUBLIC PENANCE. And until those Christians in the middle belt understands they are not the original owners of North, the massacre will continue and flimsy excuses will always be given. The matter will still end without arrest and punishment. Call me an Igbo extremist, that’s my name because not only that extreme actions demands extreme responds, an objective mad man is also better than an educated lunatic.

To other Nigerians, I heard that Herdsmen are new colonial Masters in Nigeria and they need colonies with their AK47s? And some people are supporting the idea of giving them colonies for peace to reign. Pls,which peace are we talking about here? A group that goes around with AK47 and other dangerous weapons and can kill at will without being arrested is the group you are advocating to be pin down in your backyard? Go back and study Fulani history. Firstly, they are polygamous in nature. With the aid of their polygamy, they can born a state within a year and loves conquering. Once they install an Emir in that your village land, they will not only lay claim to the land given to them for animal rearing but the entire village, from village to entire state. They are heartless, they can finish your entire village within 2 hours. The Fulanis really want to actualize their long term plans publicly said by Ahmadu Bello in 1960.

The establishment of Cattle colony is a master plan. Those who proposed this cow colonies are supposedly people in government who want to use their office not only to benefit their business but to plant Fulanis among every tribe in Nigeria in a bid to recolonize the primitive tribes of Nigeria. So they pretend as officials that they are helpless before the herdsmen, allowing them cause havoc at will without a single consequence. They just want the victims to be afraid of the herdsmen and accept any proposal by the government. Before the cow colonies,t hey proposed a similar nonsense which is now unpopular. That’s the reason Buhari is constructing a railway to Niger Republic to bring more Fulanis to Nigeria to complete Usman Dan Fodio’s Fulanis colonization mission. Everybody will live and remember Nnamdi Kanu.

Do you still need further investigations to know where those agents of the death gets their weapons from? This is new Nigeria, this is change, things has changed. Social Scientists know that when transcendental forces like herdsmen operates incessantly, a new order is in the horizon. A man who repeats an action is asserting a right to that action. The unjustifiable silence of Buhari is acceptance because in law, silence is acceptance. So, lamentation will never save anyone.

People should stop making themselves object of sympathy by appealing to pity. Being a Christian doesn’t make you a Coward and prey to Fulanis. Fighting your enemies does not make you a sinner. Sadly, but true, the world is a place of war, sorrow, tears, bloodshed, pains and injustice. No one will come to your rescue, not even this Fulanis government. That’s why we need to guard ourselves, defend ourselves, fight the oppressors. The assailants understand this better than the oppressed and won’t allow the oppressed go until unless otherwise the oppressed stands up and demand for freedom. Stop being defenseless and fight for yourselves and that of posterity. Nnamdi KANU said it, some people insulted him, thank God for the reality today. All the government does is to preach their rhetoric “peaceful coexistence”. Modestus is telling you today that there is nothing like peaceful coexistence or it only exist in the book. Don’t be fooled because they won’t ensure justice. If there is peaceful coexistence, let them walk without bodyguards. Dear Christians, if we so much believe in being the descendants of Abraham, we should also be as brave as he was. Read your Bible very well, all great men of old testament led and fought very well for their people. You can only ask God for his grace to overcome. God can only fight your spiritual battles and give you strength to fight your physical battle. Stop all these fasting and praying and rise up, Fulanis are gradually reducing your population and taken your land. I talk real, I hate pretends because I hate deceiving myself. Neglect to your own peril.


Writer: Modestus Iyke

Categories: Igbo news

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