Why Igbos are political fools


They claim they know, but they know nothing!

How To Pick A President From Another Region And Religion: Learning From The Northerners.

It is no news that PDP has zoned its presidency to the North. Unlike many others, I am a believer in rotational presidency as well as quota system/affirmative action. Every region must be carried along for the sake of fairness. This also means I believe the Igbos should present a president and every tribe and region must choose from the best of them to lead us and soon.

Presidential aspirants gather in Port harcourt as PDP makes to choose its presidential flagbearer that will challenge APC and Buhari. The rest of Nigeria as well as the North will choose its favourite Northerner that will lead the PDP charge.

And herein lies the clearest evidence the Northerner is smarter than all these our southerners, especially those of us who come on Facebook to make noise.

Chukwudi Iwuchukwu says “Wike is trying to pick a weak candidate so Buhari can win. If they pick him, I will mobilize other young men to vote for Buhari.”

Me: huh? Really? You hate Buhari. But if Wike picks a better man than Buhari in Tambuwal or anyone aside Kwankwaso, you will vote Buhari? What logic is this?

Then I remembered he voted Buhari in 2015. And I said. Okay. You were never really with us.

Then there is Prince Deji Adeyanju one of the most active political activists whose activities confound many. He says that Wike is working for Buhari because Wike prefers Tambuwal and not Kwankwaso.

Me : Hmm… well, if he had not gone on a campaign to tell me that Buhari that would not negotiate with IPOB to ask their grievance and wasted no time declaring them a terrorist group but is quick to pay Boko Haram and free all captured members means well, maybe I would say he Deji means well for PDP. Buhari does not mean well ” So I will discountenance his viewpoints.

But more genuine and heartfelt is that of one Ijaw man who says “whoever PDP picks we will stand behind, but only Kwankwaso can defeat Buhari”

Hmmm. I get the logic. I will address it soon. But I get it.

The point is that we as Christians and or Pagans and southerners must pick a Northerner and likely a Muslim to challenge Buhari.

The Northerners have had this dilemma when they took the high road and seeded the presidency to the south in 1999. What factors did they consider to choose Obasanjo ahead of so many others? How did they play their cards?

1. Did thy pick the southerner that was likely to defeat APP or was it ANPP?

2. Did they pick the southerner most popular to his southern people?

3. Or did they pick a man less likely to be a southern activist who instead would tilt towards the North in his decision making?

There was Olu Falae, a man who loves his Yoruba nation. An Awoist to the core. There was Obasanjo who declared Shehu Shagari president even when there ought have been a by-election between Shagari and Awolowo.

They chose Obasanjo who lost among his people as all Yoruba states including Ogun voted Falae.

They knew all they needed to do was make their own votes into block votes and whatever he can get among his people FINE! They must choose someone who has their interest at heart.

And even when power returned to the North under Yar’ Adua, Obasanjo knew Yar”Adua could die as he was sick. Who did Obasanjo and the power brokers choose as VP to Yar Adua? Did they choose Odili or Ibori, or even Donald Duke from the south south? NO. They chose a then meek and mild Goodluck Jonathan that would consider FAIRNESS ahead of regional jingoism.

Everyone has an established pattern and the Northerner know their allies and stick by them.

Today the rest of the country is about to choose from the North.

And some people you think are intelligent are telling you the only factor to consider is “who is popular in the North”


And the reason Lamido is so unpopular is because HE STOOD BY THE SOUTH THAT WE SHOULD FINISH OUR TENURE under GEJ and he stood faithful to PDP when PDP was considered haram in the North.

In the middle is Atiku and Tambuwal, two men who have ruled in varous capacities and their policies. life and ways have shown them to be National and patriotic thinkers who believe in fairness for all regions

But an Igbo young man that I rate as bright tells me that if it is not Kwankwaso that introduced Sharia law in Kano, destroyed Igbo businesses, refused to employ Christian Northerners or give them scholarship or state benefits, that if it is not this man, he would MOBILIZE TO VOTE BUHARI.

We are political numskulls in the south.

Choosing Kwankwaso is like Northerners choosing Nnamdi Kanu because he is the most popular Igbo man

It will be like them choosing Awolowo over Akintola

Bola Ige over Obasanjo

But the Northerners are smarter than us. They turban a Kalu Orji. They empower a Rochas Okorocha. They bring an Amaechi close. NOT BECAUSE THEY ARE THE MOST POPULAR IN THEIR REGION, but because these people will PROTECT THEIR NORTHERN INTEREST.

But an Igbo young man believes the best thing for PDP to do is REWARD ANTI SOUTH AND ANTI CHRISTIANITY shown by Kwankwaso over time and if we do not HE WILL MOBILIZE OTHERS TO VOTE BUHARI.

They think Wike that personally has kept PDP as a party almost single-handedly is a fool or is without advise when he chooses to support a moderate.

My Ijaw brother says “We have to win”


We will fight and remove Buhari to enthrone a Buhari sorrry Kwankwaso. PYRRHIC VICTORY.

This is not “them say”. It is in your lifetime that you saw Kwankwaso be SO WICKED TO ALL NOT OF HIS RELIGION, forcing his religion on others and destroying their personal economy by destroying and looting their shops.

Because it is not your shop and because you do not live in Kano as a Christian under his Sharia.

You hear him defend Fulani herdsmen and he is their representative

But to the southerner, it must be Kwankwaso “because he is the only one that can beat Buhari”

Who told you that? Who??? Are you God??? Three months ago would you have said Sanwo Olu will get APC ticket over Ambode in Lagos? Or you think the Godfathers who have returned to PDP are fools when they do not rush to support Kwankwaso?

The message we are sending future politicians from the North is

“do not be a moderate like Atiku, Kwankwaso and Lamido or Dankwabo. Be a Fundamentalist and a SUFIST like Kwankwaso. Carry your Almajiris along and you will carry us and our churches down south. Like HARLOTS, we follow the one most ELIGIBLE

Credit: By Ena Ofugara

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