Support for Buhari – a mindless pursuit

This completely killed it!

My colleague who is a devout APC/Buhari supporter was going on about how Buhari is cleaning up the system and trying to deal with the people destroying the country. I laughed. I said to him, “let us use you, in particular, as an example and see who’s been of better impact to you”. The following convo ensued…

Me: I put it to you that Buhari is the major reason why you don’t get to see your wife everyday even though you live in the same city.

Him: That’s ridiculous. How is that Buhari’s fault?

Me: The only reason you don’t go home everyday is because of the non-existent mass transit system in Lagos. It doesn’t make sense to spend 6hrs in traffic every day, so you go home only on weekends.

Him: Yes. But how is Buhari to blame for that?

Me: As far back as 1983, Jakande had already secured the finance and contracted a German firm for the Lagos Metro Rail. Everything had been planned and signed. Buhari came into power and unilaterally, without any reason, canceled the project. Lagos is still struggling to construct its first metro line, 35 years later (Buhari set Lagos back by at least 35 years). If that Jakande rail project had not been canceled, you would have been able to go back home every day by rail.

Him: crickets

Me: Even today, anytime you go home, you go through 3rd Mainland Bridge. Without that bridge, you would prolly spend twice as much time on the road as you spend now. You know who constructed that bridge? It’s Babangida. IBB. A very corrupt man.

Him: crickets

Me: Look around you. Anywhere you’re in this Lagos, the electricity you use is generated at Egbin power plant. Guess who did it 😁 – Babangida. Yes, that corrupt soul did that too.

Him: Crickets

Me: I notice that you speak at length with your wife on the phone everyday. That’s good. Exactly how a responsible husband who doesn’t go home everyday should. Guess who made it easy for you to keep in touch with your wife via the phone… Yeah, it’s the corrupt, useless Obasanjo and that corrupt Atiku who made it happen. These men championed telecom reforms and deregulated the telecom industry to open up the space for private players like MTN, Glo, Etisalat and Airtel. If you are using any of those networks to call your wife, it’s Obj/Atiku that you should be thanking for that.

Him: Crickets

Me: Now, pray, tell me just one thing, one major thing, that you’re benefitting today that was done by Buhari (either as a military head of state or as a civilian president)? One thing only… Even the anti corruption agencies he is using… the EFCC and ICPC… they are OBJ/ATIKU’s babies!

Him: Head down, staring on the floor

Me: #DropsMic

I want Buhari and APC supporters to mention just one tangible legacy Buhari has achieved.

Don’t tell us about INTEGRITY because ‘Gandollar’ is now a nursery school rhyme. And there is absolutely no INTEGRITY in telling lies!

Credit: from Obioma Nwogu’s wall.

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