BreakingNews: Farmer sentenced to 6 months imprisonment for killing herdsman’s cows

This is Nigeria where cow has value more than human beings.

A Dutse Grade I Area Court, Abuja, on Thursday, sentenced a 67-year-old farmer, Samson Aku, to three months imprisonment for maiming and killing a herders’ cows which strayed into his farm.

The Presiding Officer, Mr Suleiman Mohammed, sentenced Aku after finding the convict guilty of the charges filed against him. The act, according to the judge, is not justifiable. “It is evident that the defendant took laws into his hands, which shouldn’t be, and has failed to convince the court in his defence the reason for his actions.

“Therefore, this court, having found you guilty of the charges brought against you, hereby sentences you to three months in a correctional facility, while in consideration of your age,” he said. The Police Prosecutor, Mrs Idowu Ojo, told the court that on June 6, one Dauda Usman, a Fulani herdsman and resident of Zuma area of Bwari, reported the matter at the Bwari police station. Ojo explained that on June 5, while the complainant’s cows were grazing in the bush behind Kogo II village in the district, they mistakenly entered and ate part of the crops on the defendant’s farm.

The prosecutor said the defendant, however, angrily used a machete to maim six cows, killing four in the process, all valued at N360,000. She explained that the two other cows were quickly slaughtered by the herder to save himself of total loss, after noticing that the injuries inflicted on the animals were killing them.

Ojo said that during investigation, the defendant confessed to committing the crime. She said that the offence contravened Section 329 of the Penal Code.

Source: News Agency Of Nigeria

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  1. Wonders shall never end.. all this while herdsmen have been killing farmers in their own village destroying crops planted by farmers .. how many times have such a law taking against them. This is isrealits in the hands of Egyptians.. bayers justice everywhere in this country …


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