36 very important prophecies of Apostle Suleman for 2017, Says Nnamdi Kanu’s detention to cause international crises.


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President of Omega Fire Ministry, Apostle John Suleman has released 50 shocking prophecies for the year 2017.



The cleric said:

  1. Nnamdi Kanu’s detention will cause international crises. God is angry with Buhari for the continued detention
  2. Fulani herdsmen again! Taraba, Benue, IMO and Jigawa state.
  3. Nigeria will lose a great man of God and the New Year is when the Nigerian government will fight the Church like never before.
  4. Forces in Aso Rock were planning to poison the current First Lady (Aisha Buhari).
  5. A former First Lady of Nigeria needs prayers over her health. Forces in Aso Rock are planning to poison current First Lady (Aisha Buhari).
  6. Two times, Nigeria’s Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo, will face removal from office. They will alienate him and they will make attempts to remove him. But God will humble Buhari in 2017.
  7. Federal Government of Nigeria should not relax yet on Book Haram. It’s a deception.
  8. Buhari to face impeachment threats.
  9. America and China to have major face-off.
  10. Crude Oil to flow in Northern Nigeria.
  11. Donald Trump to face impeachment attempt as members of Congress. will be divided on his style of leadership.
  12. Things will pick up a bit in Nigeria but hunger will persist.
  13. Buhari will be bereaved in 2017.
  14. Ecobank, Diamond, Fidelity, GTB to retrench staff.
  15. President Buhari’s health needs attention.
  16. 2017 budget will have crises.
  17. More judges to be humiliated.
  18. MMM to dupe more Nigerians and I see court cases.
  19. Dollar to exchange for N615.
  20. Recession in Nigeria to become depression in 2017.
  21. MTN and GLO to face hardship.
  22. Donald Trump to favour Israel. American Embassy in Israel to be moved to Jerusalem.
  23. Buhari and Senate to have crucial disagreement.
  24. Nigeria’s Budget will be delayed.
  25. EFCC to come after National Assembly members in Nigeria in a politically motivated arrests because of their refusal to confirm Magu.
  26. I see kidnappers entering schools.
  27. Some terrorists will be arrested in Lagos.
  28. Traditional Rulers indicted and arrested for corruption.
  29. America to have financial crises.
  30. A serving Cabinet Minister in Nigeria will die.
  31. Doctors will embark on strike in Nigeria.
  32. A new Mega party in Nigeria will swallow up APC.
  33. I see a new leadership for the APC in Nigeria.
  34. I see the DSS being taken to court.
  35. Nollywood to pray. They will get help but will lose two major people.
  36. I see presidents being removed in Africa, I see presidents being installed.

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2 replies

  1. Frankly these ‘prophecies’ are not of God but predictions any person with common sense, a reliance on possibility/ probability and a handle on current affairs could make. It would be lovely if 2017 would be the year that all these fake prophets would just be quiet and stop making a mockery of God.


  2. I see presidents being removed in Africa, I see presidents being installed….. @sonachi please check this last prophecy if it is true or false….


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