5 extremely dangerous foods you must avoid – purportedly made in China

If you are keen about your health and the things you take in, then you will stop eating these made-in-China foods. They are the foods that cause cancer.

There are many imported foods in the mini and supermarkets around; although these products are seen to be more superior than those produced locally, one cannot ascertain the production process and the chemicals used in producing them.

To start with, many of the preservatives used for most of those imported foods are not good for one’s health. These chemicals add up with some of the other causes of cancer and other health related conditions.

If you are keen on living a healthy life without spending the most parts of your days in medical facilities, then you should screen out the consumption of some foods.

In view of this, it is important to avoid China made foods as they seem to be found in most marts food shops. There have been many imported products from China that have affected people’s health negatively. While most of their products are cheap, one’s health pays dearly for it.

And with all the scary videos on the production of these foods, your desire to feast on them will be reduced. Find below some of the made-in-China foods that you should avoid if you want to live long:

1. Plastic rice

MUST READ: 6 extremely dangerous Made-in-China foods you must avoid

Over the past few weeks in Nigeria, the news of the sale of plastic rice in the markets has gone viral. The plastic rice is being made from plastic resins using rice flavour.

 The consumption of this rice pose a serious risk to one’s health. Foods like this increases one’s chances of having cancer.

2. Satis beef

MUST READ: 6 extremely dangerous Made-in-China foods you must avoid

If you are a lover of satis beef or hot dog as some people like to call it, then you need to slow down on your consumption of this product.

Starting from the lack of knowledge of the type of meat processed to make them and the ways they are being made, you will be forced to reconsider the next time you place an order.

3. Industrial salt

MUST READ: 6 extremely dangerous Made-in-China foods you must avoid
 In this part of the world where people rely on the use of salt for every type of cooking, one has to be more careful.

For people that are hypertensive, the excessive intake of salt has a serious effect on their health. Most of the packets of salt brought in from China are industrial salt which increase blood pressure and cause other heart related problems.

4. Frozen chicken

MUST READ: 6 extremely dangerous Made-in-China foods you must avoid

Since there are so many farms around, it will be good to eat more of the locally produced chickens.

The imported chickens are often injected with chemicals that make them look bigger. Moreover, the condition of the sold out chickens are not so good as they most times have feed issues.

Also, chicken imported from China may not be free of diseases as the country is always plagued with flu and diseases.

5. Green peas

MUST READ: 6 extremely dangerous Made-in-China foods you must avoid

There are so many foods served and garnished with green peas in this part of the world. Although green peas have many health benefits one also has to consider the implications of eating those produced in China.

There are many fake peas in the market; these peas are made from snow peas, soy beans, green dye and sodium metabisulfite. These products can aid the growth of cancerous cells in the body. The fake green peas do not get soft easily when boiled and the water has a strange green colour.


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