6 Tech Habits You Shouldn’t Allow To Rollover to 2017

Truly, Technology is an important part of your lives. We can barely do without it. Consequently, you have developed some perennial habits that we find it difficult to give it up. Notwithstanding the fact it is affecting your productivity and routine, you still find it hard to break it. As you walk into 2017, here are shares 6 tech habits you should not carry over to next year.

>> Never restarting your computer:
Consistently, leaving your computer in sleep or standby mode won’t affect your computer, but it will slow it down. Thus, restarting your computer is a smart way to kill all the background processes that may be making your computer slow. Embrace the habit of completely shutting down or restarting your computer every once in a while.

>> Using the same password for everything:
This is a habit that you really need to drop because it makes you susceptible to hacking. Understandably, you don’t want to forget your password which is a key reason why you use same passwords for your accounts. To be safe, vary the passwords of your accounts as we enter 2017.

>> Clicking refresh on your email constantly:
Whether you are waiting for an important email or not, you should not refresh your email every second. It is better to continue working on other things and check your email intermittently.

>> Sitting too close to the screen:
Many of us are guilty of this. We have the tendency of sitting too close to our computer not for a few minutes but for hours. It’s best to sit straight during the day with good posture.

>> Eating as you work on a computer:
Eating and working at the same time will no doubt affect your output. It is advisable to either do your work and eat later or eat first then focus on your work. Better still, you can take a break to eat. You will not have to eat in piecemeal which you definitely won’t enjoy.

>> Driving and using your phone:
Driving and using your phone can easily distract you and eventually cause avoidable accidents. It is better to concentrate on the road and ignore your phone as 2017 beckons.

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