“Imo Air” Launched. First flight landed at Sam Mbakwe Cargo Airport in Owerri on Tuesday, 24 January.


The first “Imo Air” flight landed at the Sam Mbakwe Cargo Airport in Owerri on Tuesday, January 24.  This is reported to be the initiative of the Imo State government.

The airline is currently being operated by Dana Air on behalf of the government. This is due to the fact that the State government does not have the license to operate a full – blown airline yet.

The aim of going into the Air business is because I want to drive traffic to Imo State as Imo is genuinely becoming the fastest developing City outside Abuja and Lagos, Okorocha said. This also appears to be a happy moment for Igbo people, especially for the business class who may not need to go to Lagos to clear their goods.

We hope this is genuine and not politics as usual.

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