Evergreen! Onyeka Onwenu – Iyogogo …this is a musical masterpiece.


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This woman is a genius. Wow! A graduate with a masters degree from Yale who as far back as the early eighties left broadcasting in Nigeria to pursue her talent – music. And she chose and excelled in the music genre of her forefathers – Igbo folklore! In her many struggles with producers, record label owners, fellow artists etc., most of who were male and who did not understand how and why a woman should be this ambitious and talent-driven, she left us with many musical masterpieces, one of which is this song – Iyogogo!

The composition is as fresh today as it was when I first heard it in the late 80s/ early 90s. Time has not dimmed its excellence one bit! The melody, lyric, arrangement, beat, instrumentation, singing, choreography all make many of today’s musicians in Nigeria seem like kindergarten kids! Madam Onyeka…a big thanks to you from an admirer in a distant land!

Comment: Job Orjioke

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