It is time for Igbos to take charge of their destiny.

igbo destiny

Let’s stop complaining and help ourselves.

It is time for we Igbos to take charge of our destiny. Be more responsible to ourselves and the people around us. It is time to stop complaining about the Government and the bad governance in Nigeria and take charge of developing ourselves. Let us develop our own land and employ our people. We should rally round people like Ibeto and Innoson.

Every state in the East should make it a law for all Government vehicles and transportation to be Innoson vehicles. Every public transportation system should be Innoson vehicles. All schools and security vehicles should be Innoson. This will create more demand for Innoson cars, trucks etc. which will force Innoson to expand therefore creating jobs and bringing development.

The same should apply to IBETO cement and other products. Igbos should come together and patronize IBETO. Houses, schools, roads and so on should be built with Ibeto cement rather Dangote. Why buy something from another person when your brother sells the same thing? This is insane. All eastern state government should make sure that contractors for government projects use IBETO cement. This will help boost our land. Let’s stop complaining and help ourselves.

Please we should create a forum for this and send delegates to our governors to implement this in our states. Thank you.

Contributor: Ukazu Kingsley

Categories: Igbo news

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