What is wrong with Igbos?

Ndi-Igbo think… Enough of the misdirection….. THINK HOME! Let your charity begin at home.



  1. The highest PROPERTY a northerner may acquire in Igboland is a kiosk & a mat.
  1. The highest PROPERTY a Yoruba civil-servant may acquire in Igboland is a rented 3-bedroom apartment or single room a.k.a “face me, I face you”. Immediately he is able to get a transfer, he scampers off Igboland with every pin that belongs to him.
  1. The highest properties some other Non-Igbos may acquire in Igboland are scarcely located and are of no tangible value. That is, if they have any at all.

For Ndi-Igbo, let me not get you alarmed with the statistics!

FACT IS, The establishments Ndi-Igbo have and properties acquired in the North, South West, South South and the Middle-Belt are just UNCOUNTABLE. By estimation, it runs into billions of dollars!

Now what is this picture telling us?

The picture is NOT saying Non-Igbos are too poor to acquire properties or invest in Igboland (Dangote, Adenuga et al on my mind); The picture is NOT saying Igboland is unproductive; The picture is NOT saying Igboland is landlocked; The picture is NOT saying Igboland can’t be home for all, and where anyone can succeed; The picture is not saying Igbos are not friendly & accommodating; The picture is NOT saying Igboland can’t be explored, the greatness in it taken for proper use and for everyone’s benefit.

The picture is simply saying that non-Igbos understand the Nigerian contraption better than Igbos. Non-Igbos know that, so long as NIGERIA is the question, if it is NOT your own, it can NEVER be your own; NO PRETENCE ABOUT IT! They know that one day, the “ONE NIGERIA” charade will be buried and the truth exhumed.

Sadly, Igbos may have made the mistakes of developing other places while theirs remain abandoned, and now they find it difficult to “THINK HOME” because there are countless Igbo investments & properties in other places.

Truth is the inevitability of “THINK HOME” awareness cannot be forgotten or slowed down. It is the only remedy because Ndi-Igbo have done so much in developing the North, South West and other places but what do they get in return? Threats, derision, ‘despisement’, name-calling of all sorts and constant reminder that ITS NOT THEIR HOME and anything is possible, which may result to Igbos losing all they laboured for and built all these decades outside Igboland.

With the current socio-political & ethno-religious happenings, it is evident Ndi-Igbo must start now to apply real wisdom in whatever plans or dealings they have in Nigeria.

May I also use this medium in urging South-East Governors & other political leaders to help this cause for today and for posterity.

Politics or not, whatever anyone stands to gain in the Nigerian contraption or not, whatever opinions about any agitation or not, BOTTOM LINE is- EVERY IGBO can’t afford not to THINK HOME now!

If its only N1, go HOME as Igbo and invest it; Even if it is a hut you wish to build, go HOME and build it! Ignore the lies of Igbo traducers. Igbo land is very viable and individual success stories coming off the South East are there as proof.

Ndi-Igbo think… Enough of the misdirection….. THINK HOME! Let your charity begin at home.

Nke gi bu nke gi; Nke ha bu nke ha… It is NOT tribalism, It is the Nigerian realism that I, Tony Kanu, have proper knowledge of.

“A word is enough for the IGBO”.

– Tony Kanu

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