Orji Uzor Kalu Goes To Jail – A lesson for other Igbo Efulefus

He was deceived and cheated. He was promised by Oshiomole and his cohorts in power that if he joined their party, “his sins would be forgiven” so he promptly denounced the same party that made him governor hoping his new found bed-mates have honour and would keep to their word. But who will blame him when Maina, the pension fund thief, was being given cover by the highest offices in the land. And Akpabio was given a red carpet reception and promised Ministerial position, which they now fulfilled. Babachir, the former Secretary to the Government and fraudster grasscutter, is walking free in the streets while Oshiomhole, who has loads of allegations of fraud and embezzlement of public funds, is walking free in the streets. What of Rochas Okorohausa? What of Hope Uzodinma? And the greatest of them all, your lordship Ahmed Bola Thief-Nubu. The highest of them!

Who will blame Orji for falling victim? Who? Many would not but l will because he forgot his heritage as onye lgbo. He forgot that Ndigbo are accomplished “outlaws” as far as this government is concerned.

He should have known that regardless of his “successes” in delivering 25% votes for APC in the presidential election and getting APC “win” a senatorial position in Abia State, there was no way his sins as onye lgbo can be forgiven. No way!

He is not Fulani like Gandollar or Maina neither is he Kanuri like Babachir. He is lgbo so must follow due process even if he has access to Buhari.

He is not Thief-Nubu. No he is not! It would have been different if he were Thief-Nubu. They would never have tried it with him even though his alleged crime is far less in weight and quantum than that of a Thief-Nubu, who has been milking Lagos State since 1999.

He is so powerful and revered that our money laundering laws do not and may never apply to him regardless of the fact that he moved a bullion van to his residence in the lead up to the presidential election.

Never would he be investigated because he enthroned the government of the day. Never!

These should have been known to Orji Kalu. He should have known that he is lgbo quite unlike other alleged thieves.

Akpabio and Timi Sylva got plum Ministerial Positions but we all know why. They are not lgbo!

I hope this serves as an eye opener for the others like Ikpeazu and Obiano as their Igbo blood in them would certainly lead them to join Orji. They would be lucky if their jail terminal dates coincide with Orji’s so they exit about the same period but till then, l wish Orji a happy and well deserved vacation in the Correctional Facility.

Someone said he will visit him on Christmas Day to ask him “how market”.

By Okechukwu Onyema
December 6,2019

Categories: Igbo news

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